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Play and Sand Therapy in Chilliwack & Langley

Play Therapy and Sand Therapy are used to assess and treat any underlying social and emotional issues in children. The counsellors at West Counselling & Associates specialize in Play and Sand Therapy in Chilliwack and Langley. Coaxing emotionally disrupted children to connect with their inner, hidden emotions helps us recognize underlying issues. We then discuss possible solutions to accept and overcome these emotions. Book an appointment today.

How Play Therapy Works

Playing to children is what talking is to adults. It helps children learn about themselves and the world around them. As children cannot process complex emotions or convey their feelings to an adult effectively, our counsellors use the language that children understand the best: playing. Through Play Therapy, we can help children:

Express feelings

Relate to peers and adults

Develop problem-solving skills

Cope with difficult emotions

Improve communication

Cultivate feelings of empathy and respect

Learn social skills such as sharing

Improve self-control and self-esteem

Our counsellors will watch over your child as they play, assessing their behaviour and noticing patterns that stand out. These insights are then used to communicate with the child. We can help them explore hidden emotions and deal with unresolved trauma. Playing can also help children cope with inappropriate behaviour. Play Therapy has proven effective in dealing with anger, depression, emotional issues, school difficulties as well as child abuse and neglect.

What is Sand Therapy?

When a child is suffering from neglect, trauma, or abuse, they might have trouble expressing themselves verbally. Sandplay Therapy, also referred to as Sand Tray Therapy, gives them an opportunity to communicate their emotions nonverbally with the use of a sandbox. It is a form of therapeutic intervention offered to individuals and children undergoing traumatic experiences to express themselves better.


Sand trays and toys are given to a child to create a miniature world. The choice and arrangement of the toys are observed to understand how they reflect aspects of real people and experiences in the child’s everyday life. With these observations, our therapists can gain insight and help resolve a range of issues such as deep anger, grief, and depression, among others.


The safe and interactive setting of Sandplay Therapy allows children to achieve a sense of comfort and security. It serves as a powerful outlet and helps them in the process of healing. Contact us to learn more.

You Can Count on Us

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