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Anger Management in Chilliwack & Langley

Has anger gotten the better of you in situations you couldn’t control? Then anger management counselling might be right for you. We at West Counselling & Associates understand that there are situations where emotional outbursts are unavoidable. But if you get angry easily and more intensely than an average person, we can help. Our anger management therapy in Chilliwack and Langley focuses on helping you deal with your anger in a more positive and functional manner.


Do I Need Therapy?

If you feel like your anger is frequently out of control and fogging your mind, you should consider counselling. Here are some characteristics that may suggest you need therapy for anger management:

  • Constantly angry about things in the past or present
  • Angry with yourself
  • Easily triggered into being in a bad mood
  • Easily irritated
  • Getting into arguments and fights very often
  • Feeling angry enough to hurt yourself or others

You Are in Charge

Not being able to control your anger may affect your interpersonal relationships and impact important parts of your life. Our counsellors can help you manage your reactions with a range of techniques and thought processes that allow you to put your anger in the backseat while you assess the situation with a clear mind.


The following lifestyle changes may also help with anger management:

Exercising or staying active

Getting enough sleep

Eating right

Being more expressive

Meditating to relax your mind

Distracting yourself with a movie or book

Talking to someone you trust

Get in touch with our counsellors today.

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We can offer the help you need to control your overwhelming emotions.

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