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Family Counselling in Chilliwack & Langley

At West Counselling & Associates, we provide family counselling in Chilliwack and Langley. We can help you to resolve conflicts with your children or help them understand the value of family. We have helped families reconnect through open communication and bond-strengthening strategies. We have also helped children who have run away from home deal with their issues before reconnecting with their families. Our goal is to provide an atmosphere where you can communicate and understand each other. Book an appointment today.

How Counselling Helps

If there are issues or conflicts that need to be resolved in the family, you can approach our counsellor to help you communicate effectively. We can help families that are dealing with:

  • Behavioural challenges and emotional health
  • Death in the family
  • Physical or mental illness of a loved one
  • Financial problems
  • Adoption
  • Divorce
  • Children who run away

Counselling for Infants

The information absorbed during infancy and early childhood play a major role in who we become as adults. Nurturing relationships and caring adults seem to play an important part. When a child struggles to connect with the world around them, it is the duty of the adults to intervene and help make the connection. We can help with:

Postpartum depression

Coping with foster care and adoption

Behavioural problems

Struggles in preschool

Navigating peer environment

Highly sensitive children


We use techniques such as Play Therapy, parent support, talk therapy and parent-child relationship therapy.
Our sessions are focused on helping parents see beyond their child’s behaviour and understand the child’s perspective before taking action.

Counselling for Teenagers

Troubled teenagers can be a handful, but helping them understand your views can result in a healthier relationship. We help teenagers and parents with:

Anxiety and depression

Problems with schoolwork or peers

Eating disorders

Rebellious behaviour

Social isolation or bullying

Sleeping problems

Psychological issues

Adjusting with separation or divorce

Anxiety and depression

Family Is Essential

Our professionals can help you navigate through your issues so you come out stronger as a family.

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